This site is rapidly expanding and fast gaining authority and attracting thousands of visitors on daily basis.

This opens us up to opportunity and advantage of sponsorship ads. These ads remain at the top of our posts, pages, and listing pages for everyone to see and interact with, ensuring you get the most exposure for your ad!

Our ad rates are competitive, and can be for as low as N1,000/week, or N4,000/month. It is that cheap and affordable! You can read further on our “ad samples” & “ad rates.”

To advertise your business, products, services, events, concerts, album, song or videos, books, CD’s, DVD’s MUSIC & VIDEO PROMOTION avail yourelf the opportunity of this platform, Mind Engrave Africa Directory to promote your brand.
Ads types we offer include:

Post Pages Ads

We offer all Web Standards Ads on post pages. We presently offer banner Ads – Leather box & Profile Box in varying dimensions (All dimensions in pixel) and Text/HTML. We place your “Text/HTML ads” at the Top, Middle or Bottom of our posts as well in variant colors. We strategically place your ads on Site Articles anywhere you want or where it will get the so much desired visibility and clicks. Our post pages Ads are as follows:

Monthly Paid Ads

Provision is made for ads that are suitable for monthly duration. This ads services are available at the top, within, and below content in the following location, and dimensions whether image or Text/HTML type as you require:
1. Leather board banner (728 x 90).
2. Left & Right Ads Banners in variants dimensions (300 x 300, 300 x 250, 300 x 60, 125 x 125, 160 x 160)
3. Text/HTML Ads (Center)

Weekly Paid Ads

Provision is made for ads that are suitable for week(s) duration. This ads services are also available on post pages at same placement/location, and dimensions whether image or Text/HTML type, as you require. Prices are as statedbelow:


If you have any Product or Render any Services you want the World to know about, we can write or publish articles to that effect as a review and they will enjoy special attention compared to other Ads type. We integrate through Rich Text Ads. In lieu of the aforementioned, we ensure that your products or services review is:
1. Optimized for the target audience using the right keywords.
2. Integrated with relevant internal and external links.
3. Get linkback (follow link) to your website (If you have one).
4. Includes links to your social media pages.
5. 300 x 300 Profile Box Ads linking your website (If you have one) or Video Ads about your reviewed service or product (with price variation).
6. Ads duration starts to count from the day the post get indexed by google.
7. Post summary is advertised on all our social media pages and feeds (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) pages.
8. It is subject to yearly renewal @ 5% discount of the original cost.
9. It is subject to yearly renewal @ 5% discount of the subsequent costs.
10. Sponsored post can be reviewed and updated (So far it is for the same product or service).
11. Premium listing package for the product or service reviewed [Check the details of our premium listing package].

1. N10, 000/month (with image Ads) | N20, 000/month (with video Ads)
2. N120, 000/Year (with image Ads) | N240, 000/Year (with video Ads)


We ensure that sponsored Interview are optimized for the target audience using the right keywords and integrated with relevant internal and external links with possible linkback.

N100,000/One time payment


If you want your Business and Products to disturb the social media network, starting from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we can place a content for you on all our social media pages. By implication this features your brand on all our highly optimized directory feeds pages. This Includes trends, Daily tweets using our influencers online.

N5,000/One time payment


We reward our members/client to encourage them for the support they give towards the advancement of this platform. One of the ways by wish we do this is giving them advert consideration based on their membership level.


Requirements before you proceed:

1. Pre-design Ads image or Content (If Image/HTML Ads)
Note: If you will be going for image ads and you need us to help you with graphics design, your request will attract extra token. Communicate with us through phone call or whatsapp chat on +2348160613745

Howevr, if your image or Content is available you can proceed with the Step #1 below.

Step #1: Shop for Ads package at
Step #2: Decide on duration whether monthly package or weekly package (e.g., Above Content Ads Package – Monthly or Above Content Ads Package – Monthly) and view details of your choice package. Select your choice of Ads package
Step #3: Select Placement.
Step #4: Add to Cart & View.
Step #5: Proceed to checkout & Fill in your details
Note: In the additional information section ensure you include further details.
Example: “Requesting Ads placement with specification 728 x 90, on Health post category. There is no pre-design Ad flyer. I will need your support on the design. I will pay extra charge required. Here is the Ads destination link –”
Be informed that the short note in above example specifies key information – Dimension of Ads flyer, Desired category for Ads placement, Need/No need for support of Flyer design, and Ads destination link.
Step #6: On the checkout page choose your desired payment option (either Bank Transfer or Card Payment via Paystack).
Note: If payment is made through Bank Transfer send the evidence of payment to us on mindengraveafrica[@]gmail[dot]com or whatsapp chat on +2348160613745.
Once you checkout (either through card payment or Bank Transfer) a link to manage the content of your Ads detail will be forwarded to your email.
Step #7: Through the link to manage the content of your Ads detail proceed to the page and click on the Ads type of your choice (Image or Plain Text/HTML).
Step #8: Upload the Ads image (If it is ready)
Step #9: Submit for Review (Typically responds in less than 24hrs.)

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