The recent happening at the Federal High Court Abuja that revealed how Doyin Okupe was sentenced to prison for violating Money Laundering Act shows that the atmosphere of anti-corruption is still very much toxic for the corrupts.

It is so funny to see Doyin Okupe bounced to court this afternoon and landed in defeat as he was sentenced to jail.

In fact with the observation so far, Doyin Okupe was not the only one that violated many of such law. In fact, in the hay days of the governments led by the Peoples Democratic Party stealing public money is symbolized as taking a piece of national cake.

But with the emergence of General Muhammadu Bhari, the game is said to have changed and consequently many that were caught in the act have been seen to have paid back the proceeds of their corruption.

Among these are, the Owner of one of the mainstream television station in Nigeria, who was recently linked with international corruption. Also, many other prominent thi£vs who diverted funds meant to fight terrorism into their private pockets paid back.

Today they are free campaigning for the self acclaimed UNIFIRE ? so he can refund them but Doyin Okupe went to court like James Bond ?

In fact if you see how he was begging after the pronouncement of “O Lule” by the presiding judge, you will not need to be told that “Water don pass gari.”

He exclaimed and beg the Prison Warders “Don’t jail me until 4:30pm, please …”

We can only pray, “Dr Doyin Okupe, may the Lorg deliver you.”

Wow! before the blink of an eye ? – You know that Uncle Doyin begged not to be jailed until 4:30pm.

The DG of PetObi Pres campaign, who took N702 million from the money meant to fight terrorism in Nigeria, had run around to gather the N13 million optional fine.

But you know what? He has paid but still keeps N689 million as profit for ruining his family nam ?.

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