Who Is Linda Ikeji?

When it comes to blogging in Africa, Linda Ikeji is one of the first names that comes to mind. That name is no doubt a household name. When it comes to blogging, she will almost certainly spring to mind because she has demonstrated that you can build value out of your passion and eventually monetize it. Linda Ikeji has really proven that the internet is another avenue to make blood money, boatloads of cash, or whatever you can call it.

Linda Ikeji House in Bananna Island Credit: Linda Autobiography

She is a successful blogger, businesswoman, and writer. Linda Ikeji’s Blog has mastered the art of giving people the type of news they like to hear, and she makes boatloads of cash doing it. Her success motivates many young people, particularly young women, and they believe that they can do everything they set their minds to. In regards to that, she is fast becoming an entrepreneurial model for many upcoming youth.

Let’s take a look at Linda’s beginnings.

Biography of Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji was born on September 19, 1980, in Nkwerre, a local government area in Imo State’s southeastern region, to Christian parents of Catholic extraction. She began creating fictitious stories when she was ten years old. Her enthusiasm for news and interviews motivated her to pursue a degree in mass communication. Unfortunately, she had to study English instead of Mass Communication at the University of Lagos.

Linda Ikeji was given a doctorate award at the Trinity International University of Ambassadors in Georgia on August 8, 2018, in recognition of her contributions to African media and industry.

Life of Struggles

Linda Ikeji, like most Nigerians, was born into a poor family and had her fair share of financial struggle throughout her childhood. She began working at the age of 17 to help herself and her parents pay for school. She did everything from modeling to bartending to waitressing and ushering. She didn’t let her history hold her back; instead, she saw it as an opportunity to explore and hone her skills, which are now paying off.

For Linda Modeling Is a gateway

She worked hard after graduation to break into journalism by founding Blackdove Communications, her media organization. Blackdove Communications is a modeling agency as well as an event planning company. She also founded FM & B, a magazine that published its debut issue in 2006. She chose to abandon both enterprises after struggling with them for a long time. Only two more editions of FM & F saw the light of day after she struggled to get advertisers on board and found out how time-demanding and intensive the project was.

“I gave up on the office (Black Dove Communications) in 2010 when I couldn’t afford the rent any longer and moved my business back home,” Linda said of Blackdove. Blogging, which I began in 2006, changed my life around, a year later.”

Blogging Adventure

In the same year, she began writing as a hobby on blogger.com, with the domain name lindaikeji.blogspot.com. She began blogging when the internet was not as widely used as it is now, and she did so from a cybercafé.

Miss Ikeji’s blogging pastime had no specific goals, and she blogged for years before making any money from it. lindaikejisblog.com was later acquired by her. The media mogul is now a well-known blogger who is widely regarded as one of the most successful in the world.

Linda began writing in 2006 and has continued to do so until now, demonstrating the level of dedication that it takes to become an entrepreneur, particularly in the creative field.

One of the habits of successful people is their ability to stick to a plan until it bears fruit. Linda Ikeji’s blog contains a lot of examples of this mindset. On a daily basis, millions of users visit the site. As of this writing, according to Alexa, the blog ranks 25 in Nigeria and 2,883 globally.

Other Platforms Owned By Linda

Linda Ikeji has a number of other platforms.

Linda Ikeji Social

On November 1, 2016, Linda launched the social media network, with the domain name lindaikejisocial.com. Her goal when she launched the site was to combine blogging and social media. Eighty-six thousand accounts were active on the platform six days after it came alive.

Linda Ikeji Television

On June 9th, 2018, the Television Network debuted. LiTV is an entertainment hub where a variety of live-streamed programs are available. TV Shows, Reality Shows, TV Series, Movies, Original, and Live are the six categories on the platform. Subscribers get charged a monthly fee to receive access to the various programs.

Online Radio

Linda Ikeji is a talented young woman with a lot of guts. She continues to investigate many media industries, finding her spice of cake in each one. Her media office also hosts an online radio program, which is unsurprising. The majority of the shows are broadcast live on Linda Ikeji TV.

Book Publication

She released her debut book, “It Takes You – A Book of Inspiration,” on May 5, 2010, at Genesis Deluxe Cinema in Lekki. The book includes 30 articles that are both inspirational and life-changing.

Estimated Net Worth

Linda Ikeji’s net worth is seemingly controversial by many; however, it is common knowledge that she is a multi-millionaire or possibly a billionaire who has a property worth millions of naira and just purchased a Bentley Mulsanne worth $310,395.

Linda Ikeji Bentley Mulsanne Credit: Autobiography

Conspiracy Theory Around Linda Ikeji

Her site, which is also known for hot gossip, has sparked many heated debates among celebrities, politicians, and high-ranking delegates. On the 8th of October, 2014, Google took down Linda Ikeji’s blog for unclear reasons. However, Google restored it on October 10th, 2014.

Miss Ikeji has always been an advocate of chastity; thus it was impolite of her to announce her pregnancy on Instagram in March 2018 without any earlier engagement or marriage news. She gave birth to her son on September 17th, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.


Linda’s delivers her generosity through the ‘I’d Rather Be Self-made, No Thanks’ programme. A non-profit project aimed at aiding young girls and ladies between the ages of 16 and 25 who have amazing business ideas and want to start their own firm. In the initial phase of the endeavor, she parted with N10,000,000. She has always affirmed that she intends to continue with the project.

Awards and Recognitions

She was interviewed by the BBC for their Focus on Africa program in 2012.

The top 20 most powerful women in Africa according to Forbes magazine in 2012.

2013 Merit Award for Nigerian Broadcasters (Website/Blog of the Year).

The 2013 Nigeria Blog Awards (Best Entertainment Blog).

Nigeria’s 2014 Biggest Google Search Trend; 2018 United Nations Global Leadership Awards.

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Photo Credit: Linda Ikeji Instagram Page and TY Bello.

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