Admat Poultry Farm and Eggs Production

Admat Poultry Farm and Eggs Production Admat Poultry Farm and Eggs Production Admat Poultry Farm and Eggs Production Admat Poultry Farm and Eggs Production

When it comes to reliable poultry farm, poultry eggs production, and sales of poultry eggs, Admat Farms Limited is a household name with a notable presence in most parts of the country. We prides in mass supply of crates of fresh and quality poultry eggs at competitive prices.

ADMAT EGGS are premium quality, low cholesterol eggs which are packaged, marketed and sold under the brand of the same name. Our hens are well kept and managed under a bio-secured farm environment.

Further, our hens are routinely checked for quality and healthiness using state of the art scientific equipment that is in keeping with world standards. In addition, our hens are fed with balanced and quality to ensure quality and nourishing eggs. This gives us confidence as to being a good source of  high quality protein for children and adults alike.

We are located at 5, Osanu Along Akufu Village Via Ido LGA Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, and for more details on deliveries, orders, and bookings you can contact Chukwunonso Akabike. However, ahead of coming it is of essence you give us notice so as to be updated with our visitation policies.

For instance, we do not allow you to visit our farm with your own paper crates to avoid transmission of infection through crates used on other farms. In essence, to avoid this kind of challenges ahead we urge you book appointment so as to work around any visitation challenge that may surface.

Admat Farms Limited, produces quality and nourishing poultry eggs for people who live and work within and outside the city of Ibadan.

We remain committed to raising healthy eggs for local consumption. We produce grade A table-eggs for consumption by people of all ages and medical needs. Be rest assured that our practices are in compliant with World-wide standards. Patronize us today as only a trial can truly convince you. To order for table eggs, please call on +2348036290052.


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