Anger Management Coaching

Anger Management Coaching

Anger is a normal emotion. However, whenever it cannot be tamed it becomes dysfunctional. Unlike depression, untamed anger doesn’t have a name or an official diagnosis because it is a lifestyle that is not necessarily in the domain of mental illness. In other words, anger can be effective and productive if it compels others into executing your will. Unfortunately, people often fail to see the long-term consequence of untamed anger.

These unhealthy consequences include high blood pressure, increased risk of heart diseases or failure, as well as social disharmony among family members, friends and co-workers.

You may be wondering why you need an anger coach?

While anger is a normal emotion, if untamed can quickly become problematic. Therefore, our motivating force at ‘’4 Large Minds’’ is to focus on practical ways of helping people unlearn unhealthy ways of dealing with anger and learning more healthy ones.

In this regards, we don’t tell a person not to get angry, hence, our goal is to expose people to how to properly channel their anger rather than choosing to suppress it in hopes of the situation changing or simply going away. Suppressing anger can have a significant negative impact on your health.

It should not be hard to know that you definitely need us. For instance when you frequently have discord with family members and co-workers, when you are harboring or nursing a grudge or thinking about getting revenge, when anger is becoming too frequent, intense, and leading to aggression, just to mention a few, then it should ring a bell that ‘’4 Large Minds’’ is what you need.

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