Anger Management Service

Anger Management Service

Beneath that Anger Lies Danger

  • Do you ever feel like you are going to explode with rage?
  • Do you say things you regret later out of anger?
  • Maybe you reacted too quickly in the heat of the moment, and now you regret it?
  • Does your blood pressure skyrocket when someone cuts you off in traffic?
  • Or do you feel like breaking things when you get mad? The target of your wrath might be a stranger, a loved one, or even yourself.

If any of the above applies to you, then you may be having anger challenges! What Exactly Is Anger? Anger is a totally normal human emotion as it’s your body’s natural response to threats, injustice, and disappointments. However, it can lead to complicated situations when it gets unmanageable and turns destructive, affecting the overall quality of your life. What are the signs you will see?

  • An adrenaline rush.
  • Tense muscles.
  • A sudden rise in your blood pressure.
  • Increase heartbeat or rapid breathing.
  • Clenched fists and jaws

It is not bad to feel angry, but bad when it becomes uncontrollable and leads to other reactions that can be detrimental to your relationships and life. If you have uncontrollable anger you may need anger management. The goal of anger management is to manage both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that happens because of anger.  Take a step before anger destroys your relationships and important parts of your life. You our counseling service to handle it better. A Psychotherapist or other licensed mental health professional at MindSwitch Psychological Consult and Services can work with you to develop a range of techniques for changing your thinking behavior. To take advantage of this opportunity, contact MindSwitch Psychological Consult and Services to schedule an appointment right away.

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