Chiamaka Nwaoru

Chiamaka Nwaoru

Clinical Psychologist in Abia state, Nigeria are not many. Chiamaka Nwaoru is one of the few and available licensed and certified Clinical Psychologist in Abia state, Nigeria.

She is a mental health practitioner with years of experience in management of Depression, Anxiety,Anger Management, and rehabilitation of substance use/ addicted persons. So if you are in need of service of a Clinical Psychologist in Abia State, Chiamaka Nwaoru has got your back.

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License Number: 000146

M.Sc Clinical Psychologist

Address 1: Downtown specialist clinics annex, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria.
Specializations: Proficient in the management of Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, couples therapy, and substance abuse/Addiction

Groups I Work With: Adults



Language Services: English, Igbo
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