Dr Gbemi Olukolade

Dr Gbemi Olukolade

Dr Olukolade is a thorough-bred psychotherapist and clinical psychologist in Oyo State with more than 13 years professional experience in providing psychological care for diverse disorders.

He has trainings in Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Behavior Family Therapy (BFT), Exposure Therapy, Couple’s Therapy, Sex Therapy, Anger Management and Addiction related management.

He believes strongly in psychological testing and is adept in the uses of various tests especially neuro-psychological tests, personality tests, career assessment tests, test of language etc.

Dr Olukolade has a very strong grounding in the management of home life issues and this has spurred his interests in Couples therapy, Couples in distress therapy and Couples with irreconcilable differences therapy, with great results.

Recently Dr Olukolade had been consistently consulting for schools, institutions and corporate organizations around the country and West-African region in terms of educational needs of schools, improved teaching skills for teachers and Employee Assistance Programs in multinational organizations with the sole interest of helping people become the best they can be.

Also, he is a regular feature on many radio talk shows especially on Inspiration 100.5 FM (Sharing Life Issues). He is a sought after public speaker at institutions, churches and conferences

Dr Olukolade is a recipient of the famous Commonwealth scholarship in the United Kingdom, (Birmingham & Solihull NHS). Dr Olukolade is the head of clinical psychology department, UCH, Ibadan and Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Diamondmoor Psychological Consult and Services, Ibadan. He is presently the Secretary of NACP. Dr Gbemi Olukolade is a very goor option if you need the services of a licensed and certified Clinical Psychologist in Oyo State.

Groups I Work With: Adults, Children, Teens

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