Content Bridge Builder

Content Bridge Builder

Content creator presently occupy the heart of emerging world digital phase. Adelowo Iseoluwa is a passionate writer that creates contents that transcend the mental wellbeing of individuals around the world. My sense and art of writing appeals to all. In a bid to convey your messages to your target audience I am fit as a plug that help build the bridge in between. So by that, you can call me the Content Bridge Builder. I write with mindset to appeal to your sense of wellbeing, let you get insight to my mind, and see exactly what I’m seeing at the point of writing. Following me up will enable you grasp unlimited access to a world of knowledge and capacity. See you on board!

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Important Safety Tips
Read Through before anything
  1. Only meet sellers/buyers or service provider in a safe public location.
  2. Check items and verify quality of service rendered before making payment.
  3. Make payment only when you are in full possession of the item or after service is rendered.
  4. Do not pay for anything in advance, even for the delivery. Use an escrow service where necessary.
  5. Don’t give out your financial details (including BVN) that could be misused.
  6. Avoid anything that appears too good to be true, such as extremely low prices and promises of making quick money.
  7. If you think this advert is not genuine, please report it via the report listing link below.
Thank you. I understand & will proceed with cautiondo not want.
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