Hakron Care Ambulance Services

Hakron Care Ambulance Services Hakron Care Ambulance Services

ambulance services in lagos remain a top priority for health providers located within Lagos, Nigeria. Hakron Specialist Care Hospital provide you with inexpensive interstate ambulance transportation service delivery that will give you more value and a satisfactory experience. Our services are specific toward:

1. Moving emergency, remains back home. We are available for moving to other regions of Nigeria (South – East, South – South, North – East, North – West) for final laying to rest.

2. Standby at events, viewing centres (e.g., sports), ceremonies (e.g., weddings), rallies, conferences, construction sites, exhibition and fairs, to cover any emegencies.

3. Emergency Evacuation – we partner with hospitals radiology centres, scan centres, to move their patients from one destination to another.

Our strengths:

– Qualified doctors & Nurses – Air-conditioned life-support ambulance service. – Affordable – Rapid response – Availability of resuscitation drugs and fluids. – 24hrs Services – Cost effectiveness – Medical-covered ambulance transportation for sick patient referrals to any health care facility.

Expert management of our clients is top priority. Our proactiveness to customers demands for a quality ambulance service stands us out. Besides, we have direct access to experts/experienced Consultants in all areas of medical practice.

We have a team of medical experts and emergency workers who accompany the ambulance, depending on the needs. If you are in need of ambulance services in Lagos, try and reach out to Hakron Ambulance Services.

Please always book ahead of time to avoid non-availability when you need us. To reach us, check our infos for contact details. For more information visit his vendors page.
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