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mental health services

Mental Health Services is the cardinal objective of Mind Engrave Clinic. Mind Engrave Clinic is a reputable psychological outfit managed by a team of licensed and certified mental health professionals.

Our Approach

At Mind Engrave Clinic we believed that finding your way through the world can be a difficult and frustrating experience. This is because life often throw people with unexpected challenges. We are here for individuals in need of mental health services, and is ready to help such figure out how best to handle these challenges. One of our goal is to help clients develop all the coping skills and needed supports in order to lead them to a better quality of life.

Mind Engrave Clinic work with clients to accomplish all of their therapeutic goals through delivery of quality mental health services.

Our Services

Mind Engrave Clinic offered various services such as psychological assessments, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric disorders, relationship & marital conflict resolution; and Pre-Marital Counseling. We also consult for corporate organizations on Employee Assistance Program (EAP), also honor Speaking and Talk invites on broad-range of psycho-social issues. Mind Engrave Clinic often engage in research activities and employ the outcomes in rendered services. Mind Engrave Clinic also train and coach in the aspects of health and well-being. Our services cut across different institutions such as corporate organizations, religious institutions, and schools. For instance, we are in partnership with AEGIS psychologists on training developments.

The ages we work with are teens, adults, and elders, and we deliver our psychotherapy services mostly via virtual channels using English Language. Among the client concerns that we treat are anger, anxiety, attachment Issues, depression, fear, internet addiction, life Purpose/Meaning/Inner-Guidance, panic, drug addiction, relationship and trust Issues.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with us, Mind Engrave Clinic would love to hear from you.

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