Oedipus Complex and Electra Complex (Counseling)

Oedipus Complex and Electra Complex (Counseling)

Most children age 3to 5 years experience Oedipus complex, a developmental challenges that comes with their developmental age.

Do you notice the following about your boy or girl child:

– Your boy acting possessive of his mother and tells you (the father not to touch her)

– Your boy or girl child insists on sleeping between you and your wife or husband.

– Your girl declares she wants to marry you (her father) when she grows up.

– Your child (e.g, boy child) hopes you (the father) goes out of town so that he can take your place.

If you observe these signs, chances are that your child is going through what a psychologist will call Oedipus Complex or Electra Complex.

This is not a disorder but a psychosexual conflict that comes with developmental age that runs from age 3 to 5. These years mark the important stage in psychosexual development in which boy or girl child develops healthy substitutes for his/her attraction to the opposite-sex parent.

In as much as this is not a disorder, there’s need for expert counseling as to how these children successfully manage these conflicts.

Otherwise, the inability to successfully navigate this stage will lead to fixation that may lead to serious psychopathology later in the years.

A stitch in time saves nine.

If your child is going through the stress of this stage contact expert today for COUNSELING.

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