Mind Engrave Personality Assessments

Mind Engrave Personality Assessments

Personality tests in Nigeria is fast becoming a needed tool in many sector as psychometric test (Personality test and psychological assessment) is a key to driving a healthy society. Research findings have indicated that large crops of Nigerian employees are less satisfied with their jobs, and this has occasioned high rate of job and career switch.

Further, this scenario may not be as a result of their abilities but largely due to their career interest. Although, Nigerian factors such as general belief that certificate may not count with respect to a job of interest has led many Nigerians to take up a course just to obtain certificate. This eventually become a contributory factor to the precarious situation we are experiencing now.

To this end Mind Engrave Psychological Services have risen to the occasion to bridge the “Career-Interest” gap with Online Personality Tests and Assessment. Personality Tests in Nigeria conducted by a Certified and Licensed clinical psychologist is rare. However, making it available will go a long way to assist employees and professionals with knowing the next best career decision. This initiative will further spur their career motivation to plan for years ahead.

Mind Engrave Psychological Services is the only known psychological outfit that provide and administer personality tests in Nigeria  for working professionals. Our online personality tests and assessment are psychometrically sound to give an individual accurate personality profiling. In essence, they can be used to determine individual traits, level of work interpersonal skills, assessment of career development suitability for employees, promotion and others. It also can used to determine job seeker’s behavioral fitness and suitability for the job.

Beyond the employees, we also consider students for personality assessment. This gesture is borne out of some genuine reasons. Considering the population of Nigerian students that is said to be over 25 million in all level of education put together, it is expedient to be more positive and proactive so as to forestall the perpetuation of the observed among the existing career professionals. In fact unlike in the past, as at the year 2020, over 3 million students sat for NECO, WAEC, NABTEB, and UMTE exams all together.

Therefore, personality tests in Nigeria becomes the key to bridging “Career-Interest” path for students. In addition, such a move becomes inevitable considering the way things are changing and students continue to experience series of uncertainties and challenges in Nigeria today, unlike in the past. Many of the career options of those days are fast disappearing with technology getting the best of methods of doing things. In essence, this justifies the need to prepare the students for the future. This development, helping students to choose the right career path matched with the right career guidance will help to safeguard, brightened, and secure the future of the youths and students. Personality test can be conducted online (virtual) and offline (Physical). Personality tests and assessment are to be conducted, scored, analyzed, and reported by a Licensed and Certified Clinical Psychologist to help with career planning that is becoming more rigorous, and challenging.

With many career options available, personality test is better handled and conducted by a certified mental health expert to help bring about effective career planning for students. It is expected that a student get confused and feel directionless with a lot of career choices. However, with the intervention of psychometric assessment, the endeavors of the students “Career-Interest” align, thereby giving them a smoother career sojourn.

Apart from helping to decide what to study in school personality tests in Nigeria has other numerous advantages. Personality tests are helpful for managing people & for understanding yourself. First of all in that regard it will makes you feel good to know yourself, then will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Generally, it plays a significant role in social interactions. Mind Engrave Psychological Services have all it takes in terms of personality profiling of individuals using psychometrically sound personality tests in Nigeria.

Mine Engrave Psychological Service is number one provider of psychological assessment and Online Personality Tests in Nigeria. Contact us today for a detailed personality assessment.

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