Dr. Adeyemi Akeem Akinloye

Dr. Adeyemi Akeem Akinloye

Dr. Adeyemi akeem akinloye is a psychiatrist of note. One of the best psychiatrists in Mafoluku Oshodi, Lagos state, Nigeria. His services include managing patients with drug use Problems, all forms of behavioural/ psychiatric disorders.

These services are packaged in the following ways:

  1. Day care
  2. Out Patient care
  3. Crisis intervention
  4. Short Term Admission
  5. Long Term Admission
  6. Home based care

These services are achieved through Pharmacotherapy, Psycotherapy & Socialtherapy (rehabilitation). Dr. Adeyemi Akeem akinloye s one of the best psychiatrists in mafoluku Oshodi, Lagos that you can trust to deliver for you an effective and efficient mental health service. You can reach out to Dr. Adeyemi Akeem. For more information visit his vendors page.

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Address 1: 24 Oyetola Street, Off Samuel Street, Mafoluku Oshodi, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Groups I Work With: Adults, Children, Elders, Teens

Language Services: English, Yoruba
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