Linkedin, Instagram, facebook, and Twitter are no doubt re-defining marketing approach in the present day business world. This trend gives birth to the idea of leveraging on these platforms to harness business and economic benefits. It may interest you to know why you need to get connected to the business community as championed by Mind Engrave Africa.


The social media community of Mind Engrave Africa is to the benefits of the involved and concerned.
Joining our social networks is a pre-requisite to showcasing your adverts.
Your adverts will be showcased on our social media feed pages that are highly ranked on google. It means your views will not be limited to community members on the social media. You will enjoy the priviledge of being seen by the global community.
You will have FREE access to trainings on group pages such as facebook group,.


LinkedIn is a professional social networking site where users may connect, share, and learn. LinkedIn is for anyone and everyone who wants to take their professional life more seriously by looking for new opportunities to connect with other professionals and grow their careers, regardless of their status – whether you’re a marketing executive at a major corporation, a small-business owner, or a first-year college student looking for their first job after graduation.

You might think of LinkedIn as the high-tech version of a typical networking event, where you meet other professionals in person, exchange business cards, and talk about what you do. It’s like a massive online networking event.

Despite the fact that LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites today, many people have no understanding what it’s for or how it may help them.

You can use Linkedin’s strength in numerous ways. To begin, you must first register on the platform and create a connection profile. Second, when you register on Mind Engrave Africa’s platform, you’ll be able to link your listing to your Linkedin profile. In this case, website visitors who view your listings on our linkedin page or directly on our website will always be able to connect with you via the linkedin button on your listing. Below is the button to our linkedin page where you can join the global community business owners.


Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. We share your products and services on our Instagram platform for our growing traffic. We will appreciate your support by following us at the link below:

Once you’ve joined, you’ll be able to see your products and services on our Instagram Feeds page, which you can reach by clicking the icon below.

In order to connect with us, go through the whatsapp link on the Instagram feeds page.

Like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, Instagram is a major social network and one of the most popular websites on the internet.


Facebook is the most massive social network on the planet and it’s the most visited website in the world. It’s also a great way to help spread the message and content with regard to the values we possess, our services, skills, and products!

You can find us at:

Once you’ve joined, you’ll be able to see your products and services on our Facebook Feeds page, which you can reach by clicking the icon below.

Connect with us through the whatsapp link on the facebook feeds page.

Just like Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter, Facebook is a social network to reckon with on the internet.


One of the most beneficial and creative ways to get others to care about the values you possess, your services, skills, and products, is through Twitter. Whether it’s for debating, building giveaway or campaign buzz, marketing your brands, seeking a job, or seeking expert opinion, twitter is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do it from anywhere on the planet.

By reaching out to new people on twitter, you can form new beneficial connections and gain knowledge in a new topic area. Twitter can help you get a new job since, like Linkedin, job opportunities from both small and major businesses exist on Twitter.

Twitter also helps in the promotion of your brand or products. If you sell a product or run a business that requires internet or online awareness, one of the ways to do so is through Twitter.

However, simply tweeting about your products and services, will limit the awareness you create to only your followers – as you know, twitter and other social media platforms will never extend your reach beyond a select few of your followers. As a result, joining Mind Engrave Twitter Page, a larger platform within Twitter, will not only project your business interest on Twitter, but also beyond Twitter, by displaying your posts, tweets about products, and services on our widely read and optimized twitter feeds.

This cyclical loop will indirectly increase your twitter followers since many people will see you because those who appreciate your products, services, and contents as portrayed on our twitter feeds will want to see your profile, and the likelihood of them following you on twitter is very high.

If you require professional advice or feedback on something, you can use our social media feeds to crowdsource opinions. Our admins will gladly assist you with this. When you do that, the twitter community and the global community will answer to your opinion request in a loop back to twitter through our feeds. Simply send your Tweet to the admin via Whatsapp, along with any pertinent hashtags, and you’ll be done as soon as possible.

Through the whatsapp link on the twitter feeds page, you can connect with us on whatsapp.

Twitter, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, is a major social network and one of the most popular websites on the internet.

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