Following Portugal’s surprising elimination from the present FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Cristiano Ronaldo, also known as CR7, posted a reaction on social media for the first time.

It appears from his statements that CR7 is deeply hurt by Portugal’s sudden elimination from the World Cup.

Because of this, he felt compelled to express himself on his Facebook profile, @Cristiano. His comments somewhat diminished the significance of the prior awards he had received because he only found solace in the fact that they had been given on an international platform.

He said, “The largest and most ambitious dream of my career, he remarked, was to help Portugal win the World Cup. My fondest desire was to see the name of my nation on the highest foot in the world, which I was fortunate to accomplish by winning numerous titles with an international scope, including Portugal.”

Given his age and the amount of time he has already invested in his football career, we can’t help but feel sorry for Cristiano Ronaldo as this may be his final chance to play in a major tournament as this.

We all want to realize our goals, but what can we do if they are not divinely granted?

We must not overlook the fact that he had recently severed ties with his old club, Manchester United.

In fact, he might be trying to show the world the opposite of how he’s been seen lately, which is why he may be so upset at this mundial’s exit.

“Sadly, the dream came to an end yesterday. Reacting to heat is not worth it. I just want everyone to know that despite all the talk, speculation, and writing, my commitment to Portugal has not wavered in the slightest. I always stood up for the common good, and I would never betray my nation or my colleagues,” he responded.

The mental turmoil this great football star has been going through may be exacerbated by all the talk about his commitment to his previous club and the fact that he was placed on the bench for the game that ended their world cup campaign.

Almighty is the one who bestows and deprives honor, though.

We can only hope for the best for Cristiano Ronaldo as he strives to continue serving his own Portugal.

Overall, the player anticipates that we all chicken out of these talks for now. In that light he said, “Not much else to say at this time,” reads a statement on his facebook page. “I appreciate Portugal. I’m grateful, Quatar. While it lasted, the dream was pleasant. Now, let’s hope the weather will serve as a good guide and enable everyone to reach their own conclusions.”

Isn’t it wise to be considerate of his feelings?

We just think it’s appropriate to reiterate to anyone who might want to see this as a difficult situation. It’s enough already!

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