MindEngraveAfrica is a multi-dimensional business directory. It makes possible your dream of finding your best fit therapist. Therapists such as psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, family therapist, counsellor, or other related mental health professional or organization. Regardles of your location, this platform hosts therapists in major cities of Nigeria. For instance we host therapists in Lagos, therapists in Abuja, therapists in port harcourt, therapists in kano, therapists in Ibadan, just to mention a few.

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MindEngraveAfrica is a safe haven for therapists and psychiatrists, that want to align with global best practices. Here is a platorm for therapists in Lagos and other major cities across Nigeria to list their services. In addition, it is safe for people in need of the service of a reputable therapist online. And so we encourage all therapists who list (or intends to list) in our directory to have a graduate-level education and align with international best practice

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Life may seems hard, but no matter how hard it may seem it is interesting to know that you are not alone in your journey. This platform, Mind Engrave Africa, has created avenue for you to link up with therapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, developmental psychologists, just to mention a few, who are ready to hold you by the hand to walk and talk you out of your psycho-social challenges in life.
In this regard, you are implored to write us so that we can link you up with appropriate therapist in case you have a challenge choosing the appropriate expert. On one hand, writing about your challenges is a good way to help you deal and bear them. Stories about our personal experiences can awaken our awareness, stretch our hearts, and help us heal; On the other hand, writing and sharing a personal story of your challenges can be a profound experience for you as well as for those reading about them.
This may be a bridge to connect you with your prospective therapist. Further, sharing your personal story can help others to become more in touch with human experience through connecting emotionally with them.
Kindly muster the strength to be open about yourself and your struggles as we provide comfort for you. So if you often feel isolated, discouraged, or hopeless you can click the button below to email to us your story so that we can link you up with a licensed and compassionate therapist.

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Explore Therapy

People all over the world work with therapists, counselors, psychologists, and other mental health professionals to achieve healing and well-being. The following resources and information can help you get more familiar with and knowledgeable about therapy, counseling, and common mental health conditions.

Therapy Basic

What is Therapy? This channel will show you what therapy is or how it works. Explore to get answers to common questions that bothers on counseling including what to expect.

Find a Therapist – Do you need a therapist near you? Then search for mental health experts near you through the link above, then filter your search by the criteria that matters most to you.

Benefits of Therapy – Take advantage of psychotherapy which has often been an effective treatment option for many mental, emotional, & behavioral conditions.

Issues Treated in Therapy – There are hundreds of mental health & behavioral disorders that can be diagnosed and treated in therapy. In essence, you will hardly be wrong for consulting a mental health expert. You will learn further on mental health issues and how they can be treated.

Modes of Therapy – Get more information about the most common categories of therapy, such as couples counseling, family therapy, and group therapy. Learn how these modes of therapy differ or compare to one another, and decide which modality is right for you or your loved ones.

Types of Therapy – Mental health professionals can be trained to use a range of therapeutic modalities and treatment strategies to achieve positive results. These can range from traditional and well-researched to innovative or experiential.

Psychotropic Medication – Orient yourself to common medications that may be prescribed by a psychiatrist as part of your treatment plan.

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