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Day 214: On Fearing The Future


Fearing The Future

“The only thing we know about the future is that it is going to be different.”
– Peter Drucker

A quick thought-provoking question for today: if you know for a fact that the future will be different, then what’s the point of fearing it?

When people fear that they will fail or succeed (fear of success is a real thing: success can change your life in many ways, and not always in the ways you expected, which makes it scary), they’re essentially fearing that their lives will be different, but it’s a fact anyway.

No matter what you do, your life will be different and you’ll have to deal with the aftermath of your life changing, no matter if you pursue your goals or not. If that’s the case, both fears are unfounded because a change is guaranteed anyway.

And not only that — not taking action because you’re afraid of the future is a worse choice, because when you pursue your goals, at least you have a certain amount of control over how your future will be different.

If you let fear overpower you, your future will still be different, but you won’t be able to steer it or know (with at least some accuracy) how it’s going to change.

For example, if you change your nutritional habits and start exercising more, you can predict with some accuracy that your health will most likely improve, or at least not get worse. Can you predict what kind of health deterioration you will go through if you don’t make any changes?

What’s scarier, the prospect that you’ll become a different person through your new positive habits, or the prospect of not knowing if (and if so, what) disease, a health disorder, or another unpleasant thing will hit you?


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