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Day 215: On Self Determination


Self Determination

The most successful people, the evidence shows, often aren’t directly pursuing conventional notions of success. They’re working hard and persisting through difficulties because of their internal desire to control their lives, learn about their world, and accomplish something that endures.
– Daniel Pink

Take a cue from the most successful people and figure out how to link your goals with the desire to control your life, learn about the world or accomplish something that endures.

How can your desire to build a business play into your need for autonomy, learning, or contribution? Easy. A business will give you financial freedom and let you control your life to the fullest extent. Growing your business will help you discover the parts of you that you’ve never known existed. And finally, building a successful business will leave a mark on the world; even if it’s a small one, it’s still a big accomplishment to build an organization of any kind.

What about dieting? How can you link something as mundane as caring for your body to such high desires? It isn’t that hard, either. Only a healthy person can control their life. A sickness can quickly remind you who’s the boss. Self-discovery? Go on a diet, explore how you feel when temptations arise, and you’ll get to know a lot about yourself. Accomplish something that endures? Change your body permanently and you’ll not only build something that hopefully lasts for a long time, but also discover how powerful a physical change can be for your mental state.

Now, think of your own goals and go through the same thought process, which will increase their significance to you and boost your determination.


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